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Shaniece Benson

Online Fitness & Lifestyle Coach

"I empower women to confidently step into success through my 1-on-1 fitness training and lifestyle coaching! "

Bloom Fitness Academy

Have you always dreamed of taking your health and fitness to the next level, but lack the confidence and clarity to get you there? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place.

As your online fitness and wellness coach, I am here to help you bring out the best version of you via a one-to-one customized fitness coaching. Yet, while doing that I definitely don’t want to make your fitness journey stressful, difficult, or boring. That’s why I craft 100% customizable fitness programs according to your personal goals, work schedule, and fitness levels in mind. And while you are busy enjoying your new lifestyle, the magic happens – you will start to reveal the healthier you that has been hiding from quite some time now.

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Maxine Hernandez


The moment you decide to change is the moment you succeed in life! Let's get it done .


Maxine Hernandez is a Former US Marine and a nationally known nutritionist and Wellness expert, based United States of America. She’s one of the few athletes who has consistently worked in nearly every aspect of nutrition communications .


Maxine is a Chef , and is a Specialist in Sports Nutrition by International Sports and Science Association and have a formal culinary training in Science and Cooking from Haute Cuisine to soft matter – Chemistry by Harvard University.  She is currently serving meals for different conditions and goals of clients and athletes .

Adrian Cook.JPG

Adrian Hernandez


Let's achieve your Fitness and Nutrition goal to a better lifestyle.


Adrian Hernandez has decades of experience in the fitness and wellness field, having been exposed to the area through his intense childhood living in the remote Island in the country of the Philippines. He stated.,  “I’ve learned work ethics as soon as I’ve learned how to crawl”. He is a qualified Sous Chef, He direct food preparation, enforce food safety standards, supervise staff, schedule staff shifts, train new employees, and order food supplies. He also completed a Bodybuilding Specialist and Powerlifting Instructor certification at the well known International Sports Sciences Association USA. Adrian became a bodybuilder since 2011. He entered competitive US Marine military training in the experience with the genuine intention to find a partner and was successful when he met former US Marine Maxine Hernandez a Chef who he married in 2012 and currently helps her in preparing meals. Adrian has used his love for Nutrition, Health and Fitness to educate and inspire others to move right, eat smart and feel better.

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