NOW with CHOCOLATE- Our Gluten FREE - Keto Friendly donuts are a healthy alternative to the average donut. They're also an awesome substitute for many dry, flavorless, protein-rich products. C'mon, why have a protein bar when you can have a donut or two? Our donuts are baked, not fried. This alone eliminates the nasty fats and oils found in your average joe donut. The Protein powder is very conscientious of the ingredients we use in our recipes. Made for the sweet tooth lovers. 

4 donuts per order.

Recommendation: Lasts in refrigerator for 2 weeks. Lasts in freezer for 1 month. Warm up for 20 sec, or temp of your liking and ENJOY!

Ingredients: unsweetened applesauce, Coconut Oil, Coconut Flour, Almond Milk, Monk Fruit Sweetener,  Cinnamon, Vanilla Extract, Salt, Eggs/Egg whites,  Protein Powder, Almonds, Monk Fruit Chocolate Chips

Macros per donut: 84 calories, 5g Carbs, 5g protein, 4g Fat

Chocolate Delight Protein Donuts - GF - Keto Friendly


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